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Best Tips On How To Quit Smoking By Using Relaxing Music?

Does smoking help you in relaxation? Yes, Lots of people said that smoking releases their stress/ anxiety and gives them pleasure. But, No one knows how they become addicted to smoking after they started. Most smokers began smoking as teenagers. 9 out of 10 people started smoking before age 18. Your friend circle or parents handle this smoking addiction. In this article, we will discuss the best tips on How To Quit Smoking?

The main reason – why people are smoking is “Nicotine” which helps them relax. Today, around 36.5M adults are smoking cigarettes, and 16 M people are suffering from a smoking-related illness. They know smoking is harmful to them, but they can’t break the bad habits despite that.

Reasons Why Do You Need to Quit Smoking?

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States, accounting for one in five deaths each year. Smoking kills more people than alcohol, car accidents, AIDS, and homicide combined.

Cigarette smoking causes heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which includes emphysema and bronchitis. 

There are many reasons to quit smoking, and each person’s motivation will be different. Here are some of the most common reasons to quit:

• Smoking is bad for your health. Tobacco smoke contains over 7,000 chemicals, including poisons and carcinogens (cancer-causing agents). Smoking increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, and many other types of cancer. Smoke also can damage nearly every organ in your body.

• 20 minutes after smoking, your heart rate and blood pressure are decreased, which causes the risk of cardiovascular disease. After 3 months, it affects the lungs, and in one year, it put you at risk of heart disease.

• Smoking cigarette is costly. A pack of smokes can cost more than $10 in certain regions, and prices are continuing to rise. Even if a pack of cigarettes costs just $5 where you live, smoking one pack each day for a year adds up to $1,825.00.

• Nicotine is very addictive, and it is available in cigarettes. The consequences of nicotine withdrawal might make quitting smoking difficult. A person may first feel angry, agitated, and unable to concentrate.

• Do you know – how much smoking shortens your life? The nicotine in smokeless tobacco may raise the chance of dying suddenly from a cardiac ailment in which the heart does not beat normally. Smokers have a ten-year life than nonsmokers.

Music As Medicine: The Healing Power of Music in Our Life

Best Tips On How to Stop Smoking?

How to Stop Smoking

When you have a strong desire for smoking, remember that whether you light a cigarette or take a dip in chewing tobacco, the desire will probably vanish within 5 to 10 minutes. Here are some easy ways to quit smoking that helps you in the fight against smoking.

1. Consult with a doctor about nicotine replacement treatment. Nicotine gum, lozenges, nasal sprays, and inhalers are examples of short-acting nicotine replacement treatments that can help you overcome strong cravings. These short-acting treatments are typically safe to use ‌with long-acting nicotine patches or a non-nicotine stop-smoking medication.

2. Try to avoid it. If you are about to respond to your tobacco addiction, convince yourself that you must first wait 10 minutes. Then do anything to divert your attention at that duration. Try heading to a public no-smoking area. These basic techniques may be enough to help you overcome your smoking addiction.

3. Do favorite activities. Physical activity can help you avoid cigarette cravings. Even short spurts of exercise, such as sprinting up and down the stairs many times, can ease cigarette urges. You can also take a stroll or jog outside. 

Try squats, deep knee bends, pushups, sprinting in place, or going up and down a flight of stairs if you’re at home or at work. If you dislike physical activities, try prayer, sewing, woodworking, or reading/ writing. Do duties like cleaning or filing paperwork to divert yourself.

4. Take part in an online quitting smoking program. Alternatively, read a quitter’s blog and provide positive comments for someone else who is struggling with cigarette cravings. Learn how others have dealt with their tobacco cravings.

5. You may have relied on smoking to cope with stress. Fighting back against a cigarette urge can be unpleasant‌. Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, muscular relaxation, yoga, visualization, massage, or listening to relaxing music can help relieve stress/ anxiety.

Study on How Music Helps You To Quit Smoking?

This study shows how healing music can help you in quitting smoking. It comprises a trial on a random sound (music) with the cognitive behavior therapy delivered online / telephone (CBTE) & by telephone only (CBTT).

They included 55 chronic smokers aged 18 to 66 years who submitted online complaints. Among all the participants, 45% are female smokers.

In the research, The 38 participants who remained 6 weeks later completed an online post-program questionnaire to measure smoking status, desire strength, self-efficacy for quitting, and confidence in controlling emotions without smoking.

At the post-program evaluation, over half (45%) of the sample had quit smoking, with equal proportions of participants in each condition no longer smoking. 

Participants in the MUSIC and CBTE conditions reduced desire strength and improved emotion control more than those in the CBTT. 

The data show that chronic smokers reacted equally well to music emotion management tactics as they did to CBTE smoking cessation treatments. To the best of our knowledge, the theory of Smoke into Sound is the first program to use music psychology in the treatment of addictive behavior.

5 Stages to Know How Long Does it Take to Quit Smoking?

5 Stage To Quit Smoking

  1. Pre-contemplation – Not thinking about quitting smoking
  2. Contemplation – Thinking about quitting but not ready to quit smoking
  3. Preparation – Ready to quit smoking
  4. Action – Quitting
  5. Maintenance – Remain a Non-smoker

If you are in the Pre-contemplation stage, then come into the Contemplation stage. You can find various music available on our WellHeal YouTube channel that helps you to break your bad habits.

All this music inspires you for the “Preparation” stage within 2-3 days. And if you are continuing to listen to our music and get motivation from it you are going to the “Action” stage. You are going close to quitting bad habits.

The 21 days process of listening to calm music will take you into the “Maintenance” zone and make you a non-smoker.

Benefits Of Listening to Music To Quit Smoking:

Benefits Of Listening to Music To Quit Smoking

1. It can rewire your brain and help you to end your addiction cycle. After roughly a month of not smoking, your brain’s vast number of nicotine receptors will recover to normal levels.

2. It will improve your listening skill.

3. Music will keep your mouth healthy for many years.

4. It can help clean up pimples while also protecting your skin from skin damage and wrinkles.

5. Music may quickly drop your blood pressure and heart rate. Within 24 hours, it decreases a chance of a heart attack.

6. It will prevent new DNA damage from occurring and may even help repair existing damage. 

7. It right away is the most effective method to reduce your chance of developing cancer.

8. Quitting smoking increases blood flow to wounds, allowing vital nutrients, minerals, and oxygen to reach the site and aid in its healing.

9. When you quit smoking, your immune system becomes stronger, and you will be less likely to get sick.

10. Quitting smoking will enhance the availability of oxygen in your blood, resulting in stronger and healthier muscles.

11. Quitting smoking can lower your risk of injuries now and in the future. So, Quit today to keep your bones strong and healthy.


Quitting smoking with music has several health advantages and boosts your chances of success the longer you stick to your quitting goals. It engages you in different activities. You can spend more time with others and also enhance your creativity. 

The music gives you relaxation. You can take deep sleep with no stress, and anxiety effects. We hope you got all points, benefits, and stages on – how to quit smoking. The longer you stick with your ambition to quit smoking, you ‌soon notice that your health is also better than ever.


The information provided here is just for educational purposes only. Kindly consult your physician before making any medical changes.