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Music As Medicine: The Healing Power of Music in Our Life

“Music has the power to heal, transform and inspire and we have the power through deep listening to increase our intuition and self-awareness.”

Music affects many people. Honestly, there is not a single person who is not inspired by music.

If you want to know, then make a note – of how many times in a day you listen to the music.

Music plays an important role in your life. When you work at home, work out in the gym, or clean your house – You love to listen to music. Whether it’s your favorite song on a radio station or an online music player.

It evokes feelings and memories in us. And it is the power of music. So, you can say that we can use Music as medicine.

According to scientific research, Relaxing healing music can help people to regain their physical and cognitive function after a stroke, reduce feelings of sadness in dementia patients, and help in healing after surgery.

Music is sometimes referred to as “the healing power of the arts,” and its effects on both our physical and mental health. Properly listening to music may be extremely soothing and healing.

We’ll look at how healing music can be used as a medicine to improve our physical, mental, and emotional health in the following sections.

Music as Medicine

Hans Christian Andersen, a 19th-century Danish novelist, once said, “Where words fail, music speaks.” The study of healing music is not new. It sheds light on how music affects our brain and body.

Using this information, practitioners now combine music and healing effects to enhance healing. The Center for Music and Medicine is expanding its study into the effects of music on neurological diseases. 

Let’s see how music Therapists use music as Medicine? Through musical responses, music therapists analyze emotional well-being, physical health, social functioning, communication abilities, and cognitive skills.

Then they arrange music sessions for individuals and groups depending on client needs. Healer music can trigger any feeling. It can take us into inconceivable heights, soothe us in our loneliness, help us release our anger, and bring peace to our souls.

Spiritual healing music may also boost our health and well-being, which adds to its greatness. Healing power of music in medicine –

  • Boost your immune system by raising antibody immunoglobulin levels.
  • Reduce the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) in your body.
  • Help reduce depression.
  • Lesser the pain.
  • Improved memory in Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

How Does Music Heal Your Life? 

“Listening to music, playing a musical instrument, or being a part of a choir – these activities are good, as they help us unwind and feel uplifted,” explains Sophie Bold – The Music Therapy of the British Association. Music may be happy or sad – it can bring back memories and deeply connect with our emotions, allowing us to express ourselves. Relaxing healing music is used in the treatment to promote general wellness.

You may play along with pre-recorded sounds, create a tune, or listen to an instrument while creating music. Music may also be used in your daily life for relaxation, energy boosters, and emotional distress. The therapy enhances our quality of life and helps us to communicate with others more effectively.

The Healing Power of Music

What do all the studies tell us? It reveals the Relaxing healing music in our brain. This is the area in which music therapy can be applied successfully. You will find music therapists in nursing homes, in schools – working with competent students in a wide range of settings.

Healer Music helps residents maintain or enhance mental, physical, and emotional functioning. It also helps patients in mental health facilities because it processes emotions and works to resolve all issues.

The emotional, physical, and vibrational advantages of music are not the only ones. Music can have powerful healing benefits, too. Healing music can bring people together and make connections like you experienced before. Smartphones have simplified communication and offer several benefits today.

As just a way, music may provide a life-changing experience and provide all the advantages to people of different ages, religions, and cultures while also overcoming boundaries of fear, hate, and misunderstanding.

As a result, it helps a person who has facing mental health issues. No matter when you listen to music, it always brings your old memories back and lifts your mood. Because music is such a simple and powerful technique. It reaches out to people who could not get proper treatment.

Benefits of Healing Music as Medicine

Although studies on the healing power of music have been conducted for the last 50 years, The knowledge that music can heal our body, mind, and soul is probably as young as the music itself.

You don’t have to be a psychologist or a brain scientist to recognize the therapeutic and calming effects of music. To understand what happens in our body when we listen to music, it is exciting to look at the scientific benefits of music on the body, mind, and soul. 

Healing Music can be used as an additional treatment for depression, anxiety, and back pain. From an emotional healing point, healing music therapy links patients with memories, emotions, and ideas while also helping them to relax healthily.

Even if the memories triggered by the music are unpleasant, this is not a problem because the patient may then talk about them and release the negative feeling associated with them. 

By listening to music, you can also reap the benefits of physical therapy. Music is perhaps the most universal art form that can help you relax the body and mind. With healing music, Our senses detect sound, which triggers physiological reactions in our brain that tell our body to relax and return to its normal condition.

Our brain sends messages to our nervous system when we hear harmonic sounds of uplifting tunes. When we listen to relaxing healing music, it can cause immediate hormonal fluctuations, such as lowering heart rate, blood pressure, and cortisol levels. Our body’s stress is linked to cortisol levels. Therefore, our stress response decreases when we listen to music.

Benefits of Vibration in Healing Music

Music is sound, and sound is nothing but waves of vibrations carried by air at a certain frequency. Sound is an electromagnetic vibration that our bodies can sense with our ears, but it is not physically present.

Our bodies are similarly nothing more than atomic energy, consisting of millions and billions of tiny particles vibrating at a certain frequency. So the vibration coming from sound can benefit the physical and mental healing of our bodies.

Harmonic sound frequencies of music help to heal our bodies by raising the dis-eased vibrations of stress, disease, and sadness in our bodies.

At the quantum physics level, these low frequencies are the only vibrational barriers that can be replaced by music. Take an object that makes a vibration at a certain frequency.

If you check the closest thing, it will also start vibration slowly. So, how does music vibration heal your body and mind? Check our YouTube healing music videos on the Official MuzHeal channel:

Why Is Music So Powerful as Medicine?

Music is a language that everyone understands. It has the potential to develop empathy and understanding.

In a world full of division, anger, hostility, fear, judgment, and suffering, perhaps by expanding our familiar musical interests, we could gradually gain a listening ear for people who may not fit into our comfortable categories.

Listening to Healing music that reflects life experiences from every angle will naturally increase our tolerance and empathy for our worldwide brothers and sisters.