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Wellheal - A Journey towards Self-Discovery and Synchronization

Our Mind is capable of making life better. Claim that power and we will help you consciously use your inner power to heal.

Scientifically crafted Healing sessions for you to reduce and/or relieve you from the medications under the supervision of your doctor. 

With these thoroughly researched sounds along with guided instructions, you can physically, mentally, and psychologically synchronize your lives.

WellHeal also provides a healthy lifestyle routine combining yoga, breathing exercises, and meditations to help you thrive in your life.

What has inspired us?

Around 38% of the total population is suffering from either physical or mental illness. 40%-50% of them are youths.

No doubt every government is taking the initiative to curb these numbers. But still, we haven’t been successful.

The most important thing is that mentally ill people don’t even know that they are sick. Those who are aware, feel ashamed to come up and speak due to our social structure. It is a move to give you a discrete platform to heal without getting tagged as mentally ill.

Mental Health services are expensive and not everyone can easily have access to them. A solution that is easily accessible to heal you and enhance your well-being.

More than 700 000 people die due to suicide every year alone in the US. Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death among youths. We believe that every human life is essential.

WellHeal is a mission to decrease, heal and eradicate mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, addiction, etc. and eventually decrease the suicide rate.

We are a team of music enthusiasts and psychotherapists with a common vision who have come together to make this world a better place.

WellHeal is designed by combining the healing power of classical ragas and cognitive understanding that can heal you from within and bring well-being to your life.

Recent studies at Harvard, Stanford, and many other reputed universities have proved the miraculous effects of music not only on mental illness but also on physical illnesses like brain injuries and incurables cancers.

Effective classical ragas when combined with a deep understanding of the neuroscience of your brain can work miracles for you.

Experience the magical healing yourself. 

Download WellHeal App and start your Healing Journey.

Happy Healing!