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Mr. Suresh Kalathiya – Founder

Mr. Suresh Kalathiya is the Founder of WellHeal – the #1 Healing and Wellness App. WellHeal is a brainchild of his vision of healing and synchronizing the lives of people through cognitive understanding and music.

With 25 years of the spiritual practice of yoga, pranayamas, and music healing, Mr. Suresh has helped people heal their mental traumas and succeed in life.

Being a professional musician with deep knowledge of ragas and their healing uses, Mr. Suresh has been playing musical instruments like Flute, Keyboard, Harmonium, Santoor, Tabla, and Vocal for more than 22 years.

Immersed in helping people heal from mental traumas for years sowed the seed of developing WellHeal – the #1 Healing & Wellness App to serve humanity on a global level.